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Global Health Exhibition taps into Saudi Arabia’s booming healthcare market

Article-Global Health Exhibition taps into Saudi Arabia’s booming healthcare market

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In line with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, Global Health Exhibition, taking place from 10-12 September 2018 at the Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Center in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, will provide a business platform for 10,000 attendees to make inroads into the Kingdom’s healthcare market

High growth opportunities abound in the healthcare market sector of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The government will cumulatively spend $180 billion on healthcare over the next 5 years in both the traditional and frontier subsectors to meet demand and tackle the Kingdom’s public health challenges. As such, investors will find significant opportunities across the entire sector including hospital and healthcare services, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices. This is in line with the Saudi Vision 2030 that aims to achieve a world-class healthcare system and establish the Kingdom as a pioneering healthcare destination in the region, and the world.

To provide a business platform for investors looking to make inroads into this thriving healthcare market, Informa Life Sciences Exhibitions, the organisers of the annual Arab Health Exhibition, in collaboration with XS Conferences and Exhibitions and under the patronage of the Ministry of Health are launching Global Health Exhibition - Saudi Arabia’s premier healthcare platform for the global market to meet and network with the pioneers and officials of the Saudi healthcare sector.

Taking place from 10-12 September 2018 at the Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Center in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, more than 10,000 industry professionals from the region are expected to explore +250 Saudi-based and international exhibiting companies showcasing the latest advances in health services, pharmaceuticals, training and education, and medical device technologies.

According to Peter Hall, President, Informa Middle East: “Diminishing market access barriers for foreign investment, coupled with huge investment in healthcare infrastructure, has positioned Saudi Arabia as a top-tier market for medical device manufacturers, services providers, and dealers and distributors from across the globe. Through the launch of Global Health Exhibition, companies now have an opportunity to promote their products and services to a whole new audience of buyers and make significant inroads into the Saudi market.”

Currently, 36 new hospitals with a total capacity of 8,950 beds are being established and developed in all regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, according to the Ministry of Finance. Two medical cities with a total capacity of 2,350 beds are also being constructed.

Commenting on the launch of Global Health Exhibition, Meshal Al Rubiaan, Ministry of Health spokesman said: “The objectives set out by the ‘National Transformation Program 2020’, part of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, has enabled the Ministry to cultivate a favourable atmosphere to attract private healthcare providers and investors from abroad. We will continue to work closely with our strategic partners to support important economic trade platforms such as Global Health Exhibition that promote and facilitate the achievement of that vision. The exhibition will also attract world-class leaders and experts in the healthcare industry to support our objective to share knowledge and experience.”

The Innovation Zone
With Saudi Arabia having allocated $1.5 billion towards a healthcare IT and digital transformation programme as part of Saudi National Transformation Project 2020, this pivotal area will be a main feature at the Global Health Exhibition. The ‘Innovation Zone’ will give eHealth solution providers and digital health disruptors an opportunity to showcase their solutions and products to an audience of key decision makers, government authorities and trade and healthcare professionals from the KSA.

Under the theme, ‘Embracing the Future’, the exhibition will also offer a multi-disciplinary Congress that “aims to delve deeper into worldwide advancements and best practices in the healthcare industry with an emphasis on Vision 2030 to identify the immense opportunities represented for healthcare advancements in Saudi Arabia,” commented Adel Abdel Shakor, CEO of XS Conferences and Exhibitions. “From emerging disruptive and innovative trends in healthcare to the impactful change at the public health and policy level, the congress will explore ways to transform and adopt the current healthcare landscape for better utilising the existing system’s capacity and capabilities in hospitals and healthcare centres, and also to enhance the quality of preventive and therapeutic healthcare services.”

The Congress is a high-level strategic dialogue and knowledge-sharing platform with an exclusive global speaker panel comprising of Ministers, CEOs and subject matter experts.

Embracing the Future Conference (September 10)
Addressing key topics such as impact of policy on healthcare, Saudi Vision 2030 and the healthcare transformative plan, investment, value-based healthcare, and healthcare innovation, amongst others, this conference is of special relevance given the rising global interest in new ways of designing healthcare systems to address the mounting challenges that threaten the sustainability of these systems across the globe.

The conference will help build a global network of leaders and aims to become the source for emerging concepts and advancement in healthcare by facilitating opportunities for strategic, operational, and academic partnerships amongst interested parties while mobilising support for the Kingdom’s vision and healthcare transformative plan.

Value-Based Healthcare Conference (September 10)
This conference will review the framework for restructuring healthcare systems around the globe with a view to improve the quality of care and align patient outcomes with financial incentives to providers. Amongst the key focus areas that will be addressed at this conference include value-based care models across the globe, population health, outcome measurement, pay for value and value driven system improvements.

Healthcare Investment, Financing and Reimbursement Conference (September 11)
How can you align investor and provider objectives and what does it take to create an attractive environment for financing healthcare innovation? This conference will provide insights into the changing investment ecosystem in the face of a changing care delivery model and will also provide solutions for investment, financing and reimbursement challenges and review perspectives from all stakeholders including hospitals, payers, pharmaceuticals, technology companies and policy makers.

The key topics under discussion will include role of healthcare incubators and accelerators, entry of sovereign wealth funds into the healthcare market, where to invest in healthcare, and creating an attractive environment for local and foreign investors in Saudi Arabia.

eHealth Conference (September 11)
Digital and technological advances are transforming healthcare. The evolution of Information Technology has become increasingly more important in providing patient-centred and cost-effective care. This eHealth conference will identify technology trends, address key questions such as telemedicine, Artificial Intelligence in improving clinical outcomes, cybersecurity and patient data privacy, and provide solutions to implementing sustainable technology to deliver value-based healthcare.

Attendees at the conference will gain greater insights into what cyber security measures healthcare providers should implement in order to provide protection of data of their patients and their facilities; assess how disruptive technologies and innovations can impact the healthcare ecosystem; and determine how connected health technologies can support delivery of new models of care, health and wellness.

Healthcare Innovation Conference (September 12)
Focusing on emerging technologies and biomedical engineering advances to watch in the year ahead, this forum will be collocated with the Innovation Zone at the Global Health Exhibition that will feature a demo zone to review products and concepts that have been earmarked as the gamechangers of healthcare.

Personalised medicine, regenerative medicine and cell-based therapy, 3D printed medical devices, applied Artificial Intelligence, and population health analytics are some of the key topics that will be discussed at this conference.

CME Accredited Conferences

Medical Laboratory Conference (September 11)
Themed ‘Outsourcing lab services: Ideal vs. reality’, this conference will review the developments and opportunities for clinical laboratories in the Kingdom. Amongst the key topics addressed here include overcoming the challenges of outsourcing lab services, driving value through lab automation, patient safety, evaluating best practices in Internal Proficiency Testing and Internal Quality Control, and improving diagnostic test utilisation, service efficiency, and “meaningful use”.

Total Radiology KSA Conference (September 12)
Presenting the latest advances in medical imaging, accurate imaging diagnosis and improvement of care quality for radiology patients, these scientific sessions will touch upon the role of big data and AI in radiology, identify disease imaging and diagnostics for oncology, breast, abdominal, emergency and respiratory, gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, nervous systems and include a comprehensive discussion of the diagnostic imaging procedures utilised in demonstrating diseases and conditions.

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