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French diagnostics company Biosynex sets sights on Middle East for expansion

Article-French diagnostics company Biosynex sets sights on Middle East for expansion

Inanna Pinheiro-Gibsone
Biosynex has been busy over the last year to meet the booming demand for their products.

As a diagnostic company specialising in rapid diagnostic and point-of-care tests, Biosynex has been busy over the last year to meet booming demand for their products. Marketing manager Inanna Pinheiro-Gibsone explains why the company is exhibiting at Arab Health and their plans for the future. 

Strasbourg-based diagnostics company Biosynex develops rapid diagnostic, point of care and PCR solutions. Its portfolio includes a test for COVID-19, which has been a marketing windfall for the business over the past 18 months. 

“The COVID pandemic has allowed us to launch quite a new range of tests from rapid antigen and serological tests as well as a range of PCR tests. Our goal is to expand our business in the Middle East, which is why we’re at Arab Health today,” Biosynex marketing manager Inanna Pinheiro-Gibsone said.

 While the pandemic has been challenging for the business in many ways, it has also given Biosynex an opportunity to grow. “We’ve had many successes with our rapid diagnostic tests, and also our PCR range. It has allowed us to invest in new technologies, such as the LabPad, which is an automated system that is able to not only interpret COVID tests, but also it does an international normalised ratio for coagulation tests,” she explained. Biosynex recently acquired French startup Avalun, the brains behind the LabPad, fuelling further growth for the company. 

 “I think the most important thing for us is to have a partner that has the same values as we do,” Pinheiro-Gibsone said, referring to Biosynex’s track record for multiple acquisitions and global partnerships. “Everyone should be able to have access to diagnostic tests today. That really is our strategy and our mission. We aim to find partners with new innovative technologies that allow us to bring diagnostics tests as close to the patient as possible.”

 As a French leader in diagnostics, Biosynex aims to export their expertise to the global market, which includes key geographies in our region. “We have very good recognition today in France. But our goal now is to expand internationally, and you cannot ignore the Middle East. That’s why we are here with Business France to collaborate at Arab Health,” she added. 

Looking ahead, Pinheiro-Gibsone stresses how Biosynex is eagerly waiting for the end of the pandemic to continue innovating in other areas of healthcare diagnostics. “We look forward to coming back to a situation where we can develop other tests. Our portfolio is extremely wide, from women’s health to HIV, to gluten sensitivity self-tests. We need to learn from the pandemic, take all the resources that we have developed since going through this and develop our business in the future.” 


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