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Evolucare showcases AI-powered eye health and latest IT healthcare solutions at Arab Health

Article-Evolucare showcases AI-powered eye health and latest IT healthcare solutions at Arab Health

Hadi Zarzour, MEA Group Area Manager, Evolucare
Evolucare’s business intelligence and analytics system will boost patient outcomes in real-time.

Diabetic retinopathy is a growing challenge in the Middle East. A new artificial intelligence (AI)-powered ophthalmological solution, which was on display at Arab Health could help detect and address these issues in a matter of seconds.

Evolucare Technologies designs and develops healthcare software for hospitals, clinics and specialist centres. The French company’s medical platform is an integrated solution that converges patient care, anaesthesia, operating room management, medical imaging, patient records editing, ophthalmological care and more into a cloud-based platform. Also, the company’s business intelligence and analytics system will boost patient outcomes in real-time and improve hospital efficiencies. The 30-year-old family business was set up to help optimise healthcare data for hospital staff across functions. Constant innovation has kept the system agile and responsive to modern challenges, according to Hadi Zarzour, MEA Group Area Manager at Evolucare.

“Whether you are a doctor, nurse or administrative agent in the front office, you will have your own modules and metrics on an interactive dashboard that gives you real-time access to any data set you need to do your job accurately and for the best interest of the patient,” he explained. “It’s a really well designed system that is easy to use and very modern. We forced ourselves to design something that is really that accessible, even if you’re not technologically savvy.”

Exhibiting at Arab Health, the company showcases its latest advancements through a partnership with Fattal.

OphtAI is a key solution on display at the Evolucare stand. It’s the fruit of a long collaboration between Evolucare technologies, Paris University Hospitals and R&D laboratories. The use of AI in image processing and analysis paves the way for massive screening of retinal diseases, in real-time and at a low cost.

“This is one of our key areas of focus for the region because of the various specific challenges here,” Zarzour added. Diabetic retinopathy is the leading cause of blindness among working-age adults in the UAE and can lead to irreversible. blindness. Early detection could be invaluable for patients here and beyond, said Zarzour. In a matter of seconds, the OpthAI system can detect eye health issues and pinpoint lesions and other areas of concern for healthcare providers.

“We start with diabetic retinopathy, then we move to glaucoma, macular degeneration and other pathologies,” he added. “We’re still working on different pathologies in order to improve and enrich the algorithm scope for detection.”

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