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Dubai Healthcare City launches private medical workspace

Article-Dubai Healthcare City launches private medical workspace

Dubai Healthcare City stand at Arab Health 2021
C37 is the first private medical workspace in Dubai that allows visiting doctors to practice with ease.

At the recently concluded Arab Health, Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC) put the spotlight on the research and innovation currently at work across its healthcare ecosystem. One of the latest projects launched by DHCC at the show this year was C37, a private medical workspace designed for overseas and UAE-based doctors seeking to establish a part-time, independent practice.

On the sidelines of the show, we caught up with Dr Mohamed Elbaz, Center Manager, C37, Dubai Healthcare City Authority, to find out more about the project.

Dr Elbaz said: “C37, managed by DHCC, is the first private medical workspace, which is furnished and allows visiting as well as local doctors in Dubai and UAE to practice through these independent clinics with ease.”

The facility offers support from providing nursing staff, front office and back-office support related to revenue cycle management (RCM) billing to essential medical tools, medical consumables, and medical insurance. It also helps doctors get their professional license, malpractice insurance for all medical liabilities and any other challenges doctors might face while setting up their practice.

Dr Elbaz.JPG

Dr Mohamed Elbaz

“C37 is helping both the patients and doctors,” Dr Elbaz highlighted. “It’s helping doctors from overseas to work in Dubai without any challenges. Doctors can come here, and we will help them run their clinics in all aspects without any overhead costs and help with all the regulations and legalisations in Dubai. On the patient side, we are helping those who usually have to travel outside the country to be treated by specialist doctors to get their treatments right here in Dubai by welcoming these pioneer physicians to have their clinics here. This also helps them save the cost of travelling outside for treatment and leverages these specialists’ expertise for the local community’s wellbeing.”

C37 serves as an outpatient unit for most specialities. It is helping doctors to practice in partnership with DHCC, which already facilitates the services of 160 healthcare organisations. For example, this would make life easy for surgeons who would like to use the operation theatres for their patients. It also provides a part-time license as well as diagnostic and laboratory services, all in the same place. “C37 is like a state-of-the-art organisation, matching all the expectations of the doctors,” he added.

Centre of medical tourism

Today, Dubai is known as the centre of innovation, and the Emirate’s vision is to be the point of connection for all medical tourism in the Middle East and the GCC region. By creating C37 stressed Dr Elbaz, DHCC is helping medical tourism and is focusing on getting doctors and organisations who would like to be a part of the initiative.

“Our goal is to make C37 a hub for all doctors coming to the Middle East. So, patients who would like to travel to any other country overseas would rather come to see those specialist doctors right here in Dubai. Also, this is just the first phase of the project. We will soon roll out other phases that will be more advanced to accommodate bigger projects and more specialities,” he concluded.

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