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Manufacturer of mobile benches for scientific instruments now available in GCC

Article-Manufacturer of mobile benches for scientific instruments now available in GCC

French manufacturer, ionBench, offers products that make working conditions better for scientists and technicians.

ionBench, a renowned French manufacturer of mobile benches for scientific instruments, specially designed for Mass Spectrometers announced the availability of its products and latest innovations in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain. Supplying to pharmaceutical, environmental, clinical and university laboratories, and camel ride drug testing laboratories, ionBench products are designed to ease the day-to-day use of Liquid Chromatography / Gaz Chromatography/Inductively Coupled Plasma/Mass Spectrometer systems, by providing a significant number of features that make working conditions better for scientists and technicians.

ionBench has introduced dedicated benches for LC/GC/ICP/MS. They are movable with lockable casters and they save space. They include an integrated noise enclosure for vacuum pumps, can be equipped with features dedicated to PC workstation, solvent waste management and security systems.

One of the flagship products is the ionBench LC, which optimises the global performance of LC/MS systems. Its mobility and height adjustability allows scientist and technicians to place LC systems as close as possible to the Mass Spectrometer source. This minimises the void volume. Additionally, the height adjustability of the ionBench LC allows a scientist to reach the top of the LC without using a step tool. This contributes to lab safety and productivity as avoids accident and saves time. 

Users can also choose from the multiple configuration options to get the most optimum form of usage, increasing laboratory versatility.

“We are very proud to be supplying our products to respected pharmaceuticals companies, water and food testing laboratories, hospital and clinical laboratories, and R&D universities across the GCC. ionBench is the specialist for LC/ICP/GC/MS benches. We work in close cooperation with the device manufacturers, and we have a solution for every set-up. We are also the specialist in developing custom-made solutions and are hoping to continue sharing our latest innovations within this market,” said Pieter Dekocker – ionBench CEO

Key design features

  • Quieter environment with an integrated noise reduction enclosure, including a cooling system based on silent fan technology and with an overheating temperature alarm.
  • Increased accessibility with a fully movable Mass Spectrometer bench.
  • Vacuum pumps installed on a specific patented absorbing vibration rack.
  • Better ergonomics and security in labs, by using a bench designed for specific application taking into consideration desired requirements.
  • ionBench are compatible with all major Mass Spectrometry manufacturers, such as Agilent, Bruker, Jeol, Leco, Perkin Elmer, Sciex, Shimadzu, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Waters.
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