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Webinar – From crisis to stability: Managing nursing resources and planning for post-pandemic

Learning from experienced leaders of the challenges faced, and strategies employed, in hospitals and healthcare facilities.

Nurse leadership encompasses a mixture of clinical and administrative, and so this event will focus on resource management aspects of managing a successful operation, including people and finances, data (and use of that data), shared governance, informatics, and education across hospitals. It will also encompass communications strategies and ideas. The webinar was supported by and created with the Steering Group.

In this webinar, nurse leaders will learn from experienced leaders of the challenges faced, and strategies employed, in hospitals and healthcare facilities.

The challenges for smaller to larger facilities will be broadly similar, accepting that scale brings greater complexity, but all nurse leaders and aspirant leaders will learn through the experience of speakers and panel members.

Learning Objectives

  • Learning shared challenges and solutions from senior nurse leaders
  • Hearing practical examples to implement in the hospital
  • Hearing examples of good communications tactics and strategies
  • Learning about the importance of emotional intelligence in the management of staff and facilities
  • Budgetary control and management


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