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Webinars and Reports

Vocera Webinar: How to Strengthen Resiliency

Webinar-Vocera Webinar: How to Strengthen Resiliency

Nurses have stepped up, now we need to support them.

Some hospitals are experiencing a break in the stream of COVID-19 patients. Others will continue to manage in crisis mode for some time. We don’t know for sure what the future holds.  

But what we can do is define what is essential, ease the burden where we can, and use the lessons learned to plan for future crises that impact and strain our healthcare system. That includes protecting the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of care team members and helping to strengthen their resiliency.

This webinar looks at how to reduce cognitive burden, keep care teams safe and protect their capacity to care including:

  • Exploring cognitive overload and its impact on care team well-being and patient safety.
  • Identifying ways to lessen the nursing burden by simplifying workflows with assistive technologies
  • Exploring how to relieve the burden of adapting multiple systems by giving clinicians more control
  • The importance of providing clinicians with clear, contextual, just-in-time information – using software to enhance workflow