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UAE-manufactured anti-microbial paint proven to help the fight against Coronavirus

Article-UAE-manufactured anti-microbial paint proven to help the fight against Coronavirus

The paint is specially formulated with SILVERbac technology to inhibit the growth of microbes such as Human coronavirus

German paint manufacturer Caparol Arabia has successfully tested CapaCare Protect, one of its innovative paint products, to demonstrate its use in the fight against Coronavirus. The tests were conducted in the United States and proved the efficacy of the solution in curbing the spread of Coronavirus and other microbes.

The paint product is specially formulated with unique patented SILVERbac technology to persistently inhibit the growth of microbes such as viruses (E.g. Human coronavirus), bacteria (E.g. gram +ve and gram -ve), fungi, moulds and algae on the coated surface, decreasing the spread of contagious diseases.

The anti-microbial action of silver is dependent upon the bioavailability of the silver ion (Ag+). It has a broad spectrum of activity within microorganisms interacting with cell membranes interfering with membrane permeability and the proton motive force. Silver also inhibits respiratory chain enzymes and inter chelates with DNA, so is a broad-spectrum agent. Silver is viricidal and kills viruses by inhibiting various essential enzymes required for binding, replication and reproduction.

Microbiologist Professor Val Edwards-Jones from the Manchester Metropolitan University reviewed CapaCare Protect for its effective anti-microbial properties: “These results showed excellent activity from 15mins through to 24hrs against two common bacterial pathogens which account for so many healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) annually. In addition, viricidal activity was demonstrated against human coronavirus at 30 minutes and H1N1 influenzae A at 2 hours.”

If the paint or film was to be used within a healthcare setting, then any splashes or aerosol contamination with viruses caused by sneezing or coughing would be reduced on contact or within 30 minutes. “This would be hugely beneficial for the maintenance of a healthy environment, especially where cleaning of walls etc. is difficult in communal areas,” Edwards-Jones explains.

“Many organisms are known to survive for long periods of time in the environment and certainly where there are splashes of organic fluid on the walls of hospital rooms, or other high touch areas (doors, door-ways) then using a paint with intrinsic anti-microbial properties would be hugely beneficial and hopefully help reduce environmentally associated HAIs,” he adds.

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