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Sanitising surfaces key to combat COVID-19

Article-Sanitising surfaces key to combat COVID-19

MEDiZAR’s sanitiser kills 99 per cent of harmful and deadly bacteria and viruses.

While it is believed that COVID-19 is spread primarily when a person with the virus coughs or sneezes close to someone healthy, there is a possibility that healthy people can contract the virus by touching contaminated surfaces.

But proper cleaning and disinfecting means using the right products. Also, sanitising surfaces is important as it works by either cleaning or disinfecting surfaces to lower the number of germs on surfaces or objects to safe levels. Northern Ireland’s MEDiZAR produces a range of alcohol-free sanitising and cleaning products, which use a unique Advanced Barrier Control formula that provides long-lasting protection and remains kind to the skin.

The company’s powerful, gentle and long-lasting sanitiser is certified to kill MRSA and E.Coli in 30 seconds and will kill 99.9999 per cent of harmful and deadly bacteria and viruses including C.Difficile, Listeria, Legionella.

In an interview with Omnia Health Insights, Jeffrey Prince, Managing Director, MEDiZAR, said: “Our company specialises in high-grade disinfecting and sanitising solutions for the Medical, Food Processing and Transport industries. Our mission to expand our worldwide network of distribution partners to maximise market penetration and sales.”

The company responded to the COVID-19 crisis by carrying out continued development and testing of the MEDiZAR formulation, including successful testing against COVID-19.

“Our clients are seeking a product which is proven against COVID-19. We were asked to develop new versions of our successful wet wipes product range,” he added. “Moreover, we are continuing to bring in-house as many functions as possible to reduce any supply chain or supplier risks as possible.”

At the upcoming ‘Northern Ireland: Providing innovative solutions to the world’s healthcare challenges’ webinar, Prince will be focusing on establishing good connections with primary established companies, to grow MEDiZAR’s distribution network, brand awareness and sales revenues.

Jeffrey Prince.jpg

Jeffrey Prince

“Whilst we have several distributors in the Middle East, I believe sales could be much higher, given the very high quality and test certification we have for MEDiZAR. I am therefore very keen to augment the distributor network,” he concluded.

Join the webinar: Northern Ireland: Providing innovative solutions to the world’s healthcare challenges
Tuesday 9th February – 3PM GST

You can hear more from MEDiZAR at this webinar hosted by Invest Northern Ireland, the economic development agency for Northern Ireland, UK. With expertise across a range of specialisms, including respiratory products, diagnostics, medical devices, e-health and medtech, companies from Northern Ireland are enabling treatments that transform lives across the globe.

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