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Innovation takes centre stage in the fight against COVID-19

Article-Innovation takes centre stage in the fight against COVID-19

TriMedika’s non-contact thermometer delivers greater efficiencies and reduces infection spread.

The way in which healthcare is delivered was already evolving at a rapid pace, but the COVID-19 crisis has accelerated this transformation. Digital health technology has played a crucial role in the fight against the novel Coronavirus. Right from rapid tests to 3D printed solutions, companies across the world have come together to find ground-breaking ways to defeat the pandemic.

Digital health is revolutionising every aspect of patient care. In future, all vital signs, including temperature measurements, will be recorded and sent directly to the hospital’s patient monitoring system, removing the need for written documentation and enhancing the accuracy and efficacy of the prescribed treatments.

For instance, Northern Ireland-based TriMedika introduced TRITEMP, a non-contact, medical-grade thermometer, available to healthcare professionals. As 80 per cent of hospital infections are spread through contact, the company’s solution is a medical-grade thermometer that was non-contact, but accurate and robust, and required no plastic covers which would reduce costs, infection risk and eliminate plastic waste.

According to Roy Neill, International Sales Manager, TriMedika, TRITEMP delivers greater efficiencies that will benefit patients by reducing infection spread, lowering costs and eliminating plastic waste in hospitals.

Neill told Omnia Health Insights: “TriMedika Ltd is ISO 13485 accredited for the design, development, manufacture and distribution of innovative medical devices to hospitals all over the world. Our mission to continue to invest in and develop our people and processes to make a world-class organisation that will make a difference to medical technology, bettering patient experience and eliminating plastic waste from our hospitals and environment.”

He added that TriMedika has increased its distributor network to now cover 21 countries worldwide.

“This means we can now provide all the features and benefits that the TRITEMP offers to a vastly increased customer base,” Neill said. “In the Republic of Ireland, the health service has purchased enough TRITEMPs to ensure that all the country’s acute care hospitals are fully equipped with the device.”

Trimedika 2.jpg

At the upcoming ‘Northern Ireland: Providing innovative solutions to the world’s healthcare challenges’ webinar, TriMedika will shed light on how the TRITEMP non-contact IR thermometer can help to optimise infection control within the GCC, whilst at the same time providing accurate and reliable temperature measurements, and enabling healthcare systems to achieve cost savings, cut down on plastic waste and free up care time.

Neill shared: “Product development is always a focus for TriMedika and our first prototypes are already in early trials for our ‘connected’ thermometer, which will enable the transfer of the data into the patient electronic record. Connected health solutions will benefit not just hospitals, but people at home who’ll be able to monitor their conditions without the upheaval of going to hospitals.”

Join the webinar: Northern Ireland: Providing innovative solutions to the world’s healthcare challenges
Tuesday 9th February – 3PM GST

You can hear more from TriMedika at this webinar hosted by Invest Northern Ireland, the economic development agency for Northern Ireland, UK. With expertise across a range of specialisms, including respiratory products, diagnostics, medical devices, e-health and medtech, companies from Northern Ireland are enabling treatments that transform lives across the globe.

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