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Infographic: How India can combat COVID-19

Article-Infographic: How India can combat COVID-19

A guide to important steps that can help prevent the spread of COVID-19 in India.

Since April, India has been reporting a devasting peak in new cases with an alarming death toll continuing to rise. A new variant of the infection is a probable cause of the sudden surge in recent weeks; however, lack of medical support and resources is engulfing the nation and its ability to cope with the fatal spread of the disease. As hospitals reach full capacity and oxygen supplies are scarce, the frontline workers face the challenge of treating patients with testing capacity under great strain.

During this critical time, it is imperative for those experiencing an early onset of symptoms to consult with a doctor and get tested and quarantine immediately. Individuals are urged to protect themselves and others from spreading the infection by wearing a mask. If the result is positive, quarantine at home and stay in isolation to protect healthy members of the family.

Measures for managing COVID-19 at home

Those with an oxygen level of 92 per cent or more should consume fever medication such as Paracetamol or Acetaminophen. In addition, lying on your stomach can improve lung oxygenation. Also, it is recommended that you stay hydrated and inhale budesonide (steroid) – two puffs, twice daily until symptoms improve.

If the oxygen level is less than 92 per cent, consult with a doctor and seek immediate care. It is imperative to monitor your oxygen level at least between four to six times a day to ensure that your condition is not deteriorating and if you require medical help. The below tips serve as an essential guide to help you monitor your symptoms: 


For more information on managing COVID-19, visit:

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