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Diagnostic confidence with AMH testing: Insights into clinical utility

AMH has become an increasingly important factor in monitoring reproductive health.

AMH, also known as Müllerian Inhibiting Substance, is named for its first described function in fetal sexual differentiation: a regression of the Müllerian ducts in males during early fetal life. AMH concentrations in adult women reflect the number of small follicles entering the growth phase of their life cycle, proportional to the number of primordial follicles that remain in the ovary or the ovarian reserve.

AMH has become an increasingly important factor in monitoring reproductive health, which has led to the evolution of tests with increasing sensitivity for expanding diagnostic applications.

The Access AMH is a simple test to aid healthcare providers in assessing a woman’s ovarian reserve. It provides the laboratory with a sensitive, precise and accurate assay to meet the needs of HCPs. 

Learning objectives

  • Production and physiology of AMH
  • Relationship of AMH and Infertility
  • Individualized strategy for IVF
  • AMH utility in the clinical applications
  • Measurement of AMH: Beckman Coulter Access AMH Assay


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