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CAR T-Cell Therapy operations launched in Saudi Arabia

cell therapy.png
Gilead is establishing a fully functional cell therapy business unit in line with best-in-class protocols.

CAR T-cell therapy products will soon be available in Saudi Arabia, Singapore and Brazil, following the launch of Gilead and Kite Oncology’s latest operations.

Commenting on the expansion into KSA, Eslam Khedr, Regional Business Unit Director for Cell Therapy and Oncology, Gilead and Kite Middle East said: “Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 is a key reason Kite selected Saudi Arabia as the location of its first Middle East operation. We are establishing a fully functional oncology/cell therapy business unit in line with international best-in-class protocols with the aim of giving those with cancer the chance to be treated and to offer healthcare of an international standard.”

Eslam Khedr.jpg
Eslam Khedr, Regional Business Unit Director for Cell Therapy and Oncology

Dedicated Gilead and Kite teams will work to qualify leading hospitals to administer CAR T-cell therapy in each of the new countries after local regulatory approvals. Plans are also in place to increase its workforce in these countries this year.

To date, Kite is the only company dedicated exclusively to the research, development, and manufacturing of cell therapy on a global scale. All its functions dedicated to this focus area are vertically integrated under one leadership team for efficient delivery of the highly specialised and complex end-to-end processes needed to support CAR T-cell therapy.



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